Frequently Asked Questions – Carriage Hill

Frequently Asked Questions

What public school district is Carriage Hill located in?

Carriage Hill resides in the Lakota Local School District and students attend the following schools:

  • Heritage Early Childhood Center (full day)
  • Cherokee Elementary School
  • Plains Junior High School
  • Lakota West Freshman School
  • Lakota West High School

Am I responsible for the trees along the street in my front yard?

Yes, your builder installed street trees as part of the architectural requirements. It is your responsibility to maintain the trees properly and replace them (like in kind) if necessary.

Do I need permission to change the exterior paint color on my house, install a pool, fence, patio, playset, etc.?

Yes, the community has design restrictions so any outside changes must be submitted to the HOA for approval. Please note, all yard fencing must be three or four rail Kentucky Board fencing and painted/stained black.Click Here to obtain more information and review application.

Can I fish in the ponds?

Yes, fishing is allowed in designated areas only by residents of Carriage Hill. Note, no fishing is allowed in the front pond by Shooters Sports Grill. All fishing is catch and release and guests must be accompanied by a resident at all times. Click Here  for the fishing map.

Am I responsible for the maintenance of my mailbox?

Yes, please contact our mailbox supplier with any replacement needs:
Mailboxes By Design:

The matching mailbox for Carriage Hill is number C2-510. It is medium black with 2” brass numbers on both sides.

Contact Rick Watlins
Cell –513-535-5632
Office – 513-625-1409

What is the non-emergency number for the Butler County Sheriff’s Office?

513-785-1300, please contact the Sheriff’s office at any time to report a non-emergency incident.

How can I rent the Carriage Clubhouse?

The Carriage Hill Clubhouse is a private facility and only available for rental by residents of Carriage Hill.Click Here for the Clubhouse Calendar link and more information. Please note, the Terry Gatehouse is not available for personal rentals.

Who should I contact if a street light is not working or a community amenity needs attention?

Click Here to submit a work order and report.

Where is the Carriage Hill community mailbox?

The Carriage Hill community has a freestanding, locking mailbox designed for the private use of the HOA and residents for the collection of event fees, Carriage House rental forms/checks, etc. There is no USPS delivery or pickup at this mailbox. It is located in the parking lot area of the Carriage House/family pool across from the main pool entrance. The address on the mailbox is 6285.